Method #2 in Support of the Tithe

In this promotion of the tithe, the Law is said to have nothing to do with the church age tithe. According to these individuals the tithe was given before the Law and can be shown to exist after the Law (i.e. for the New Testament church).

Although the giving of tithes is a clear feature of the Old Testament and the Law, the principle of giving tithes does not originate with Moses, who ratified the Old Covenant and gave the Law, but from a far earlier time. (Pastor Simon, Cheltenham, UK,


    If the tithe is "outside" or "before" the Law and still in effect after the Law, it is necessary to show...

    A. That the tithe was commanded as something for everyone before the Law. In other words, do any of the pre-law examples of tenth giving refer to tithing in any ecclesiastical sense?

    B. That the tithe is still in effect in the church age (New Covenant). Saying that the tithe is talked about in a New Testament passage, or using a New Testament reference, does not necessarily prove this unless there is proper context.