Scriptures & Quotations!

We found it necessary to not only reference Bible passages but to have them written out. Theological works, due to their continual appeals to Scriptures, demand complete knowledge of the proof texts used in support of any premise. Unfortunately, a majority of readers will not take the time to lookup the texts when only Scripture references are given.

All Bible passages quoted in this document are from the New International Version (NIV) unless otherwise marked. Our primary use of this translation should not be construed as finding it superior, nor imply endorsement or recommendation; rather it was selected due to its widespread usage. Each passage was compared with other popular translations, including KJV and NASB/NASU, to assure clarity of usage. Occasionally we used a different translation because we felt it better reflected what was intended in the original wording. In all cases, we recommend examining the passages in your favorite translation.

References to websites through this work provide either the host website address or the specific document address. The ever changing nature of the internet guarantees that works may not be available even when this is published, much less in the years to follow. Regardless of your ability to find the specific quote, please consider them as a sampling of what was available at the time of writing. Unless the church has undergone a much needed modern reformation, we're quite sure that you will find other quotations by the same or similar organizations that will still say the exact same things.