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Brent MacDonald is Executive Director of Cottage Cove Urban Ministries and pastor of the Church at Cottage Cove in Nashville, Tennessee. He is also President of Lion Tracks Ministries in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Coming from a diverse background in business, owning and operating corporations ranging from sporting goods to computer manufacturing, Brent left the corporate world for fulltime Christian ministry in 1992.

As an itinerate evangelist and avid Christian researcher, Brent has spoken in hundreds of churches, camp meetings, and evangelistic outreaches throughout the United States and Canada. Biblical archaeology and the reliability of Scriptures have been an area of passion, leading to a number of Middle Eastern trips to archaeological digs and sites. In addition, Brent has created a multimedia seminar on these subjects entitled Evidently God. He is an ordained Southern Baptist minister. Brent has authored numerous works, including the book Hell-o-ween All Year Round: A Christian perspective on the modern role of the occult in society. Most of his articles, including those from the Roaring Lion newsletter, are available online at and Brent is a native of New Brunswick, Canada. He and his wife Angie have two children: Scott and Barry. Angie has been a partner and integral part of all the ministries Brent has been involved with.